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How to Get Drivers and Other Support for Your Adaptec Hardware

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Adaptec was a computer technology company that manufactured storage controllers.

The Adaptec brand still lives but no longer under the Adaptec, Inc. company. It was purchased by PMC-Sierra in 2010, which was then acquired by Microsemi in 2016.

The original Adaptec, Inc. changed its name to ADPT Corporation before turning into Steel Excel, Inc., which is now an investment firm.

Adaptec's main website is now located at

Microsemi Adaptec Support

Microsemi provides technical support for their Adaptec products through an online support website:

Visit Microsemi Adaptec Support

It's from this main support page that all of the downloads you'll read more about below are found.

You can search for your product at the top of the page or browse for it through this alphabetical list. There's also a whole page dedicated to outdated software, so be sure to check there too if you can't find your product on the main support page.

Microsemi Adaptec Driver Download

There's also an online source for driver downloads for Microsemi's Adaptec hardware:

Download Adaptec drivers

After finding the specific product in question from the support page, you can look under that page's "Downloads" section to find driver downloads for your specific operating system. There are multiple pages you have to walk through before you can actually get the driver...

  1. Click the appropriate link that pertains to your OS (see which version of Windows you're running if you don't know).
  2. Choose the filename link to reach the page that shows more information about the driver, like which devices the driver works with, when it was released, how big the file is, etc.
  3. Click Download Now to reach a license agreement page where you need to accept the agreement.
  1. Finally, you'll see the last download page where you can save the driver to your computer in the ZIP file format.

If you still can't locate the right Adaptec driver you're looking for even after searching through Microsemi's website, be sure to check out these other places to download drivers. Remember that while it's best to download device drivers directly from the manufacturer's website (Microsemi in this case), sometimes you have no other option but to use a third-party source.

If you're not sure how to update the drivers for your Adaptec hardware, see How to Update Drivers in Windows for easy driver update instructions.

Microsemi Adaptec Product Manuals

Many of the user guides, instructions, and other manuals for Adaptec's storage hardware are available on the Microsemi support website:

Download Adaptec product manuals

Similar to downloading Adaptec drivers, choose the "Documentation" tab on a product's page to find all of the manuals and other documentation for that particular model.

Note: Most of the Adaptec product manuals are offered in PDF format and will therefore require a PDF reader to open them, like Adobe Reader or Sumatra. Some of the documentation is available as a regular webpage.

Microsemi Adaptec Telephone Support

Adaptec provides technical support to North American customers over the phone at 1-408-934-7274. The after hours support number is 1-800-416-8066.

Phone numbers for other countries can be found on the Adaptec Technical Support page.

Be sure you know your Technical Support Identification Number (TSID) before making the phone call. This is a 12-digit number and is usually found on the white label included with your Adaptec product.

I highly recommend reading through my Tips on Talking to Tech Support before calling Microsemi tech support. There are some solid tips in there for making the whole experience much more pleasant.

Microsemi Adaptec Email Support

Microsemi doesn't provide a support email address for their Adaptec hardware products but they do have a form you can fill out to send a question directly to their support team:

Ask a Question

Additional Microsemi Adaptec Support Options

If you need support for your Adaptec hardware but haven't been successful contacting Microsemi directly, see Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.

I've gathered as much Adaptec technical support information as I could and I frequently update this page to keep the information current. However, if you find anything about Adaptec that needs updated, please let me know!