Arc 9 + Office 365 Make Managing Pro Video Projects Easier

Who says project management has to be difficult and complicated?

For most video projects, there are at least a couple of tools in place throughout the project life cycle. Video producers work with video tools. Project administrators work with project tools. This is how it has been, and, until recently, how it appeared it would continue.

So, how does it usually work?

Generally, a video team or editor will put together drafts of videos and upload those to a hosting site or review and approval platform application such as Wipster or

On the other side of the equation, there will be a project team that may or may not be working in the same company as the editor. That team will be working in one or more project management applications to keep the project on track. Generally, a tool like Basecamp will be in place to track overall project progress, and the project team will refer back to the review and approval tool to deal specifically with the video components of the project.

This is how we've been doing it, and tools are pretty darn good for this sort of workflow. But what if they could be better? What if we could take both Twix bars and combine them into one giant, even better Twix bar?

That's what the latest move from Arc 9 and Microsoft aims to do. Harnessing the project management power of Office 365 Groups, the cloud storage of Office 365 as an application platform and the proven video review and approval tools of Arc9, the all-new Arc 9 integrated with Office 365 puts all of the tools, assets and connectivity creative teams need to be able to manage increasingly complex projects.

“We developed Arc 9 as an ecosystem, complete with tools specifically designed to help creative teams be more productive. And the fact is, a significant number of creative design and video productions are being created at the enterprise level and on the Microsoft platform,” said Melissa Davies-Barnett, CEO and founder of Arc 9.

“Our strategy at Arc 9 is to create a holistic, global platform in which creative teams can do their best work. And to do that effectively, you not only need the best feature set, but you need to integrate with amazing tools and applications that creative teams need. By integrating directly with Office 365, we’re giving creative teams the collaborative messaging, review and approval and presentation tools they need. It is a pretty huge leap in productivity for these teams. And when creative teams are effectively collaborating together, they create better content.”

Sounds cool, but it gets interesting when we look a bit closer. With Arc 9 + Office 365, creative teams will have instant access to any and all of the original files in a given project (including older versions of files and assets). Those looking to keep a close eye on the entire project status can compare all of the details associated with that project, including asset due dates, project due dates, social posting schedules, presentations, and the entire video review and approval process. This puts all of the pertinent information and assets within easy reach of those who need it, and all of it is within their Office 365 Groups.

On the video side, each action, including uploads, review notes and comments, approvals, versions and presentations from Arc 9 are posted instantly to Office 365 Groups. Everything is in one place, making collaboration a breeze.

Getting started is as simple as connecting a project within Arc 9 with an Office 365 Group. There are simple controls within Arc 9's platform to make the connection straightforward.

Pricing for the Arc 9 platform is available at, and they offer a 30-day test drive to get your toes wet and see if it's for you and your video team.