Are DVD recorders also good DVD players?

Question: Are DVD recorders also good DVD players?

Answer: Besides all the recording features, DVD recorders, for the most part, are excellent DVD players. Just as with standard DVD players, basic units may not have all of the high-end bells and whistles, but most units have progressive scan output, component outputs, Dolby Digital/DTS pass-through, CDR/RW, and VCD playback, just as any current DVD player would.

Some units also have CD-MP3 and JPEG still photo playback as well. Currently, no DVD recorders offer SACD (Super Audio CD) or DVD-Audio (multi-channel) playback, but this could change.

In addition, DVD recorders are beginning to appear with 720p/1080i/1080p Upscaling capability on the playback side (DVD recorders cannot record in high definition as standard DVD is not a high definition format). The upscaling feature helps to match the number of pixels coming from the DVD recorder's output to the native pixel resolution of a high definition television; however, although the images can look better and more detailed, upscaling does not actually convert standard resolution into high definition. In fact, if the recording is made from a poor source, such as a poor quality VHS tape, upscaling may not be desirable in that it will emphasize the defects of the recording as well as the good aspects, making the image look too harsh or noisy.

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When you shop for a DVD recorder, also make sure it has the playback features you require.

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