Communication Apps That Drain Your Battery

Discharging phone battery. Ivcandy/ DigitalVision Vectors/Getty

Maintaining battery autonomy is one of the challenges people who use smartphones have to face. Such that habits and hacks for saving battery juice have become one of the important set of skills one should have. Communication apps, such as those using Voice over IP for making and receiving calls, are often tagged as battery drainers since they use the screen, the audio devices, and network connection to enable calls.

Communication apps also use push notification to wake up the phone during an event like an incoming call or message. 

It should be clearly stated here that the worst battery drainers are not communication apps but others. The most notorious culprits are games and media players that use plenty of screen time and processor power. You also have to be aware that battery drainers can also be performance busters, as the inherent inefficiencies causing the battery drain will also, in most cases, slow down your device.

So if you are really into saving your battery time you should gear towards those apps before communication apps. But you are right also to know those on the list below if, like most people and especially business people, you are not much into media on mobile devices and not much of a gamer. 

Here are the top 5 communication apps that drain your battery the most. The list is based on personal experience and from the studies made by AVG technologies and published on their official site.


1. Facebook and Messenger App

These are two different apps linked to one same service. Facebook Messenger focuses more on the voice communication part of social networking. The problem that arises with them is that they never go to deep sleep and are constantly consuming resources and, therefore, battery due to some wrong handling of scheduling activities.

Another problem is that the audio does not close after sessions. Read more on this. 

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is famous for getting rid of chatting history such that a message or media element disappears after some time. It also comes with heavy arsenal involving video, voice and involves sharing, more than actual communication. The bells and whistles are in themselves things that consume power, but there is surely some wrong handling of resources somewhere. 

5. KakaoTalk

This one isn't any more interesting than other apps of the like, but still, eats up resources. You want to keep it only if you have plenty of buddies on the network. 

4. ooVoo

ooVoo is full on video with multiple participants. Nice and rich in features, it also comes with some greed. 

5. WeChat

WeChat has very interesting features, and even includes space for social networking like Facebook. Some users complain of it being slow, which is probably one of the indications for which it is on this list.