How to Fix an Issue With the iPad's Sound

iPad with sound issues

Here's an odd little problem that pops up from time to time. Sometimes, the iPad doesn't make a sound in certain apps and games. The odd part of this is the iPad's sound works perfectly fine in other apps, such as YouTube, or while playing music. This makes troubleshooting the problem a little tough because the on one minute and off the next minute symptoms can make you think it's time to reboot the iPad.

Only, rebooting doesn't actually cure the problem.

The Muted iPad

Believe it or not, the iPad can still sometimes work fine, even playing music or having sound in videos or some game, and yet actually be muted.   And it is not that hard to accidentally mute the iPad now that there is a button for muting in the control panel. Here's how to fix the problem:

  1. Open up the control panel by sliding your finger from the very bottom edge of the screen up towards the top without lifting your finger. This reveals the control panel.
  2. The mute button looks like a bell with a slash through it. If it is highlighted, the iPad is muted.  You can unmute it by simply tapping the button.

Don't forget the side switch. Older iPad models have a switch on the side that can also control mute.  The switch is right beside the volume controls. But if doesn't mute the iPad when you flip it, the switch can also lock the screen orientation.

Learn how to control what this switch does.

Still having problems? An accidentally muted iPad is usually the problem with the sound works in some apps and doesn't work in other apps, but there are other issues that can also cause this problem. These troubleshooting tips should help if your sound is still causing issues.

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