GeometriCam: Realism and Minimalist Abstraction in Mobile Photography

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Mobile Photography is an amazing creative outlet for many visual artists on the go.  It's not just for mobile photographers and videographers.  It's for all creatives.  

GeometriCam gives creatives the flexibility to create many beautiful and arresting images.  All of which are through their smart phones.  As you can read in the first article on GeometriCam by its creator - Giuseppe Capozzo aka @krapoz (Instagram), this app was created to give the mobile artist a place to create and view the surreal much like the artists before our time.  

What would they do if they had an iPhone and had an app like GeometriCam? What can they create? What beauty would they inspire?

As a part 2 of the 3 part series, Gary Edward Blum explores who inspires him, what he uses the app for, and even a bit of fair warning for those of you who dare to use this great app.

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Image 1.

I'm a fine artist working out of San Francisco. My paintings are a combination of both realism (trompe l'oeil) and minimalist abstraction. My work on Instagram is also a mix. I post everything from photography, to works in progress, to studio shots, to digital sketches. But most of what I post, tends to revolve around balance. I love layering photographs, with details of paintings, graphic forms or simple lines to evoke a sense of dependant opposition.

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Image 2.

Influences are many, but on the fine art side: Agnes Martin, Carleton Watkins, Christopher Wool, Axel Vervoordt, Sol Lewitt, Yamamoto Maseo, Elger Esser, Richard Diebenkorn, Martin Venesky. On the Instagram side, it's hard to pick just a few, but as they came to mind while writing this: @nghbrs, @imnotbatgirl, @uni_klo__, @jessedraxler, @visteingunn, @silenttapes, @ayenorhon, @1_of_8, @ian_strange, @katwesterman, @_lynettejackson, @livingpod.

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My Process

Image 3.

My general process is to start by looking through the photos on my iPhone to find a base image, but this one started a bit different. Because GeometriCam has the coolest feature (which I will elaborate on below) of being able to capture real-time geometric interpretations of what your camera sees, I went around my studio and took extreme close ups of my paintings. After I gathered about 15 or so, I edited them down to about five I wanted to use. Of those five, two made it in (Image 1, Image 2). From there, I brought them into the Union app to layer (using multiply), shrank the blue triangle and arranged them. Then I brought that composite into the Mextures app to add a bit of texture (Image 3). Finally, I went back into the Union app to layer the GeometriCam composite with a detail image of one of my paintings (Image 4) to come up with the final edit (Image 5).

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Geometric Imagery

Image 4.

By far my favorite feature of GeometriCam, as the name implies, is the ability to capture/make real- time geometric images. Using the wide variety of preset or customizable options, whether that be variations on triangles, squares, circles or color, (I specifically loved being able to get super minimal, abstract graphic images) I'm able to create unique overlays for my edits. The way this app allows you to see the colors and compositions change as you move the lense just the slightest bit is addicting and I found myself zooming in and out to see what new variations I could find. Not to mention just making videos of this process looks really cool. An added bonus is that the interface is super clean and easy to navigate with intuitive controls.

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GeometriCam is Addictive

Image 5.

Beware, GeometriCam is super addictive and a must have in my editing toolbox.