Behind the Lens: Iain Sutherland

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There are many social platforms out there that focus on social and mobile photography. By far (although not the first) is Instagram.

When I first started on Instagram, I realized that it was created to get peeks into what others around the world see.  It is also a place to be inspired and continually push creative limits if the user so chooses.  Enter Mellow Longfellow and Iain Sutherland.  Both are amazing mobile artists and also friends.  Mellow introduced me to Iain shortly after I started.  I was in awe of what these guys were creating on their iPhones.  

I have been long time fans of both and saw it as an opportunity to interview Iain to accompany his tutorial that he created earlier this month.

Let's get behind the lens of Iain Sutherland aka @dopeyfresh.

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Please tell us who Iain Sutherland aka @dopeyfresh is!

Iain Sutherland

 I'm just a simple guy. I grew up in New York just outside of the city and have lived in Vermont for the past 17 years. I love the country life where I have been blessed with two beautiful and incredible daughters who are my daily motivation/inspiration. I enjoy the outdoors, anything creative or stimulating to the senses, and value humor, positivity, and honesty. I'm a competent carpenter, mason, and chef.  My interests include all forms of visual arts, music, ancient structures and mysticism, history, philosophy, mixed martial arts, food, and vaping. My IG feed @dopeyfresh started in 2010 as a place to showcase other IGers work that I found interesting and after I deleted my original feed it became my new IG identity. It has a little bit of everything from rural landscapes and rural exploring to psychedelic mobile art and silly edits. It's a good representation of my eclectic personality and interests. 

Iain Sutherland

2010 I stumbled into the 21st century and got an iPhone 3GS. I found Instagram and subsequently a bunch of cool editing apps, since then mobile photography and editing has been my preferred creative outlet. The instant accessibility to photo manipulation and creative potential hooked me immediately, and honestly it was very exciting because I'm very limited when I put a pen to paper, but I am able to execute almost anything I put my mind to through my phone. More »

Iain Sutherland

I discovered IG in the very beginning of it's life. I really went nuts with this app because it represented limitless potential to me and in a lot of ways still does. The idea of hashtags and imagery blew my mind, being a visual person and a fan of words, I was overwhelmed by the amount of ways to express myself. My original IG feed @moshijuan (which has now gone the way of the sand mandala) was an exercise in excess. I had some ridiculous stuff going on. Epic emoji bomb battles, hashtags that broke Statigram, and an immense labyrinth of tags and images. I developed a system that I called #photo4follow to keep all three of my numbers (posts,followers,following) the same and maintained it obsessively into the thousands. I have met incredible artists and friends through this amazing app and still continue to do so. I think it continues to evolve and the experience,for the most part, is whatever you make of it. I am constantly inspired by people and their creations both verbal and visual, and I enjoy the simple side of the app as well, being able to view snippets of people's lives and experiences. Many things change on IG and I'm sure will continue to do so, I try to just enjoy the aspects of it that appeal to me and ignore the rest. I keep my IG circle small, as I do in life, which helps me stay involved. Sometimes I take a good chunk of time off, but when I'm active I'm very loyal to the people I follow because I like to support them and see what they're up to. I'm very thankful for IG because it is truly a creative catalyst for me as well as a great outlet for myself and others to produce art and receive feedback and inspiration. More »

Iain Sutherland

My advice is do what makes you happy. Try new things, experiment with new styles and apps, ask for help or editing formulas, and be serendipitously creative. Challenge yourself and express yourself without restraint. Don't be too serious! Interact, be supportive, follow and observe people that inspire you and above all have fun. More »

Iain Sutherland

I have so many people who inspire me on IG in so many different ways.  Some of my favorites include @mellowlongfellow @gladsheim @sunshinesuperone @just_msh @3horse @kseven @bradpuet @iamakittehcouch @deltonius @gdax and everybody I follow.
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