Most Popular On-demand TV & Movie Streaming Services

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Watch, Available Online and Whenever You Want

More people are cutting the cord on cable TV and turning to online video streaming services for access to all sorts of great television shows and movies too. The best part? It's all on-demand, and while some of them do support ads, most of those excruciatingly long commercial breaks you're used to become a thing of the past.

If you're still one of the rare few people who relies entirely on traditional entertainment sources, now couldn't be a better time to try online streaming. Here are 14 of the most beloved, popular services you can use to start watching shows and movies -- whatever you want when you want it.

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Netflix on iPad
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Netflix is by far the number one most-used online streaming service for TV shows and movies. With thousands of titles to choose from and new ones added every month, it's hard to say no to this kind of variety, especially with absolutely zero ads or commercials. If you're a big movie buff, in particular, Netflix is definitely the streaming service to try first. Its month-long free trial can't be beat.

Free trial period: One month

Subscription fee: From $8.99 a month More »

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Hulu Plus is one of Netflix's main competitors, offering similarly good variety in popular shows and movies to watch. There's also just Hulu, which is a completely free version. In comparison to Netflix, some say it has better content in terms of television shows. Unlike Netflix, most Hulu Plus shows include some advertising, so if you're okay with that, Hulu Plus may turn out to be the better choice for you.

Free trial period: One week

Subscription fee: $7.99 a month More »

You can get almost anything from Amazon -- including TV shows and movies. Amazon Instant Video is a service that offers a huge selection of must-watch shows and flicks to either rent or buy. Amazon Prime Instant Video is a premium version that comes with an Amazon Prime membership, giving you access to thousands of titles without any added rental or purchase fees.

Prime Instant Video Free trial period: 30 days, then it's $99 a year

Instant Video Rent/Buy fees without Prime membership: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD per episode to about as high as $49.99 per season

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If you own any Apple devices, you probably already know about iTunes for music and app downloads. It's also one of the most popular ways to enjoy your favorite shows or movies and works similar to Amazon with renting and buying. Rent or buy to view in standard or high definition, and watch it on your laptop, your phone or any device that works with iTunes.

Rent/Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for renting or buying individual episodes, complete seasons and movies More »

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Yup, even Google offers its own selection of movies and episodes. If you're an Android user, Google Play is your version of Apple users' iTunes. And like iTunes, there are options to buy to buy all sorts of popular show episodes, complete seasons and movies in standard or HD that you can watch on the web or on your device. Browse by movies, TV, studios or even networks.

Rent/Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for renting or buying individual episodes, complete seasons and movies More »

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Okay, so maybe your budget is kind of stretched right now and you can't afford to pay a monthly subscription fee or a few bucks to view an episode of a show you like. That's okay because Crackle is a completely free TV show and movie streaming service with absolutely no premium upgrade options or fees. It doesn't exactly have the same selection as some of the other services on this list, but for a free membership, it's totally worth it. Crackle also has apps available to view on other devices as well.

Subscription or Rent/Buy fees: None! More »

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Like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, Vudu is yet another streaming service that lets you rent or buy popular television and film content, so there aren't any free trials with this one. The prices are all about the same for these competing services, but picture quality is said to be one of the best features that Vudu has to offer. It also offers almost just as many great features as Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Rent/Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for renting or buying individual episodes, complete seasons and movies More »

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Before you sign up for Vudu or decide to rent from iTunes or anywhere else, at least have a look at CinemaNow -- another top streaming service with lots of content and similar rental or buying prices. Just like all the other great services on this list, new titles are added all the time. It works on all sorts of devices, and despite not quite offering the same quality content as, say Netflix or Hulu Plus, the service is well known for its great help and support for users who need it.

Rent/Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for renting or buying individual episodes, complete seasons and movies More »

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If you like TV shows that are currently popular and airing on network television, you might want to give M-GO a try. Browse by new releases, cheapest deals, what just aired on TV, top shows for binge-watching, what's trending and even what you can't get on Netflix. M-GO isn't exactly the most favored streaming service compared to the quality of offerings from other services on this list, but it's certainly still a popular contender.

Rent/Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for renting or buying individual episodes, complete seasons and movies More »

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Everyone knows YouTube is one of the premiere places to go for watching all sorts of videos. If you're lucky, you could type in a TV show title and be able to watch it for free on YouTube. A few years ago, Google's video platform started offering premium show content from select partner channels for a price. You can browse through top selling, featured and the latest shows uploaded or scroll down to view by genre.

Buy fees: $1.99 SD / $2.99 HD and up for buying individual episodes and complete seasons More »