Resident Evil 0 HD Review

Are you ready to experience the terror once again?

The Resident Evil series has had its ups and downs, especially in the last ten years. After the release of the critically panned Resident Evil 6, it seemed Capcom had lost its touch and that the series would fade away like so many other legendary series have. 

Resident Evil 0 was the last of the pure survival horror titles in the series and served as an odd bridge between the remake of the original Resident Evil title and Resident Evil 4.

Unfortunately, this put it in a place where it was sandwiched between what are arguably the best entries in the original style of play and the newer action/survival horror entries. Although it did garner a fair share of attention, I never thought that Resident Evil 0 got the recognition it deserved.

The weakest point of Resident Evil 0 is the plot. The series isn’t known for having airtight, Academy Award-winning, stories, but at least the titles that had come before Resident Evil 0 had made sense in their own universe. Unfortunately, like many prequels, Resident Evil 0 had to do a bit of retconning to fit its sequence of events into canon. Players take the role of Rebecca Chambers, the same Rebecca that hid in a medical supply closet for most of the original Resident Evil. In complete contradiction to her portrayal in Resident Evil, this Rebecca is a gun-toting, monster-killing powerhouse.

The plot begins with Rebecca’s team of fellow police officers are en route to the location of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team (of whom Chris and Jill from the original Resident Evil are a part of) when their helicopter is forced to land due to mechanical failure. After landing, they discover the wreckage of a military convoy transferring a prisoner to a local military base to be executed.

Rebecca stumbles upon a stopped train in the wilderness and finds the prisoner, Billy Coen, as well as zombies and assorted T-Virus infected Bio-Organic Weapons. It’s up to Billy and Rebecca to figure out who is responsible for the terrifying aberrations plaguing the forest and to escape with their lives.

The plot gets thin when you compare Rebecca of Resident Evil 0 to Rebecca of Resident Evil. Not only is she much more timid, she never even mentions the fact that there was an entirely separate mansion in the forest, or that Billy Coen even existed. It’s an odd contradiction, and if you try to play Resident Evil 0, and then the first Resident Evil sequentially, the lack of explanation for Rebecca’s behavior borders on absurd.  

The gameplay, however, is a step-up from the original Resident Evil. Instead of having to place unwanted items in an item box, which typically involves extensive backtracking. You can just drop an item whenever and come back to that same spot and get it. This was a huge departure from the series, as the item box had been a part of gameplay since its inception. ​

The HD remaster keeps intact all these original elements of Resident Evil 0 and adds support for 1080p, which looks great due to the retouched pre-rendered textures.

You also have the option of playing in the original 4:3 ratio or the traditional widescreen 16:9. 

If you're not a Resident Evil fan, or if you’re looking for an entry to play to see if you will enjoy the series, Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster won’t bring all that much excitement for you. Compared to other HD remasters, though, it’s a very smooth, very faithful polishing of the original material, and is the definitive version of Resident Evil 0.

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